X-Stitch - Cross-Stitch Projects to Make a Statement : Sarah Fordham

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This title features 19 projects that are designed to appeal to both male and female stitchers, from UK author Sarah Fordham. It offers a cool and contemporary take on cross-stitching.

This is a contemporary cross-stitch design and project book - a refreshing and modern take on the traditional craft of cross-stitching that will appeal to an audience that keeps up with current trends.

The reader will be guided through the materials and tools of the trade before being taught the fundamental techniques of cross-stitching. The projects are divided into three sections: Simple, Trickier and Challenging.

The projects are wide-ranging, from buttons, hair bobbles and brooches, to watch straps, coasters, tote bags, customized pumps and Peter Pan collars. Readers can experiment with working up miniature designs to large-scale canvases and rugs.

Finally, there is a chapter on Thinking Outside the Box, with suggestions of alternative materials and ideas to explore.