The Warm Company - Warm 80/20 Wadding

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110" wide - Sold by the metre.

80% Natural Clean Cotton + 20 % Polyester Zero Glue

Warm 80/20 is completely clean, natural cotton fibre blended with new pillows soft, resilient polyester fibres, evenly layered and needle-punched into a lightweight, stable 100% cotton scrim.

The Warm Company state of the art manufacturing is newer technology versus the 50-plus-year-old resin bonding method using spray glue. Glue breaks down one wash leaving nothing secure the fibres. Needle fibres stay flat and even inside quotes and crafts through a lifetime of machine washing while allowing quoting and ties to be up to 10 inches apart.

Your quilting experience is soft with no chemical odour. Plus, you will have peace of mind when wrapping up baby in a warm 80/20 quilt and no worries when it ends up in their mouth! While you keep centuries-old quoting traditions going, The Warm Company will keep manufacturing the most innovative coating and crafting products!

Modern Manufacturing Makes The Difference

  • made without glues
  • no chemical odour
  • finish quilts quickly
  • quilt up to 10" apart
  • the fabric clings to wadding while quilting
  • will not separate or bunch
  • no pre-wash - 3% shrinkage in the first cold wash once quilted, machine wash & dry
  • won't distort when hanging or hooping
  • ideal for use in rag quilts & tie quilts

Care Instructions

  • no need to pre-wash
  • wash finished quilt by machine & dry
  • may be prewashed by HAND before quilting - do not machine was before quilting