The Warm Company - Soft & Bright Polyester Wadding

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90" wide - Sold by the metre.

Soft & Bright undergoes the same manufacturing process that has made Warm & Natural, the world’s leading cotton wadding. Premium grade polyester fibres are needle-punched into a strong thin base material preventing bunching allowing you to quilt and tie quilts up to 10" apart without worry when washing and drying by machine!

The state of the art needle punch process used to make Soft & Bright holds the wadding together without glue or resin.  The fibre is fluffy and soft to the touch.  The evenly layered fibres stay in place inside your quilt even after a lifetime of gentle washings.  The thin base material holds the fibre in place preventing slipping when machine quilting.  Your fabric stays with Soft & Bright as you feed it under your sewing machine foot making free motion quilting a breeze.

The benefits of needle punch

  • contains no resins

  • contains no glue

  • no pre-wash & no shrinkage

  • quilt up to 10" apart

  • Free motion quilting is a breeze

  • once quilted, machine wash and dry

  • stays flat & even