Sewline - DUO Marker & Eraser

Sewline - DUO Marker & Eraser

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Unique ink and erasing system (patent pending) allowing you to mark and erase without worry on cottons and cotton blends.

The Sewline Ink gives clear, sharp marking on fabrics and the Sewline Eraser Fluid will remove the ink with a simple stroke action and without damaging the fabric.

The special Polyether point has a Medium Point to give no-bleed marks on cottons and cotton blends.  A large ink reservoir gives smooth laydown of ink and a longer marking life.

To cleanly remove ink lines, lightly guide the chisel point of the Eraser Pen along the line without pressing down hard.

ADVICE Test on a fabric sample before marking up your project.  Some fabrics contain sizing or chemicals which may inhibit clean removal.