Sew Easy - Quilters Flexible Curve

Sew Easy - Quilters Flexible Curve

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50cm / 20"

The perfect design tool to create your own shape.  It holds its shape until you wish to change it.


  • Do piecework with an infinite variety of curves.
  • Trace curved quilting lines.


  • Design and sew curved colour-blocking easily.
  • Make curved appliqués with graceful lines easily with perfect placement.
  • Lay down random or measured curved lines for sequins, beading, pearls, ribbon or any other trim.
  • Duplicate curves when designing cutwork.

Pattern and dressmaking:

  • Use as a design tool for creating armholes and necklines.
  • Copy the sleeve cap of your favourite pattern easily when combining patterns.
  • Duplicate actual body curves.
  • Add design lines to a curved one.
  • Copy one-of-a-kind designer details.
  • Add features such as scallops or waves to a front button placket, hem or pocket.

Home decorating:

  • Form the perfect rounded edge for a pillow cover or placement mat etc, and then duplicate it easily.
  • Get curtains to drape evenly on the first try.