Milward - Flexible Curved Rule

Milward - Flexible Curved Rule

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This versatile design tool is 60 centimetres in length and offers a world of creative possibilities. It maintains its shape until you decide to reshape it.

In the realm of quilting:

  • Create intricate piecework with an endless array of curves.
  • Effortlessly trace curved quilting lines.

For appliqué enthusiasts:

  • Seamlessly design and stitch curved colour-blocking.
  • Achieve elegant curved appliqués with precision placement.
  • Lay down both random and measured curved lines for embellishments like sequins, beads, pearls, ribbon, or any other decorative trim.
  • Replicate curves with ease when designing cutwork.

In the world of pattern and dressmaking:

  • Employ it as a design aid for crafting armholes and necklines.
  • Effortlessly mimic the sleeve cap of your preferred pattern when amalgamating different patterns.
  • Duplicate real body contours accurately.
  • Add artistic design elements to curved structures.
  • Incorporate unique designer touches.
  • Enhance features like scallops or waves on a front button placket, hem, or pocket.

For home decorating enthusiasts:

  • Mold the perfect rounded edge for items like pillow covers or placement mats, and replicate it effortlessly.
  • Ensure curtains hang evenly on the first attempt.