Mettler - Silk-Finish Cotton Multi 50 - 9851 Poppy Garden

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Part of the Silk-Finish Cotton Multi No 50 Collection

Brand: Mettler®

Content: 100% Mercerized Cotton

SILK-FINISH COTTON MULTI 50 is perfect for quilting, matt embroidery and general sewing.

Enjoy a blaze of colour that has it all! With the colourful sewing thread, SILK-FINISH COTTON 50 boredom is a foreign word. From sewing through quilting to matt embroidery: the high-quality cotton sewing thread impresses with its versatility and gives cotton creations a special touch.

No matter what project you want to use the sewing thread for: the highest quality is guaranteed. A mercerization process during production makes the sewing thread more tearproof, low-shrink and iron-proof. With SILK-FINISH COTTON MULTI 50, you are buying exactly the right thread for a wide variety of projects.