Hemline - Machine Needles Embroidery 80/12

Hemline - Machine Needles Embroidery 80/12

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4 embroidery titanium needles 80/12

Specially coated, the larger eye allows smooth thread flow at higher speeds.  The pontoon scarf (the indentation above the eye) reduces the chance of skipped stitches and thread beaks as the fabric is flexed up and down by the rapidly moving needle.  The specially designed shaft also reduces the chance of needle breaks.  For embroidering with (30-40wt) rayon, polyester, (30wt) cotton, or acrylic embroidery thread.  Titanium adds strength and durability.

System 130/705H, 15 x 1, HA x 1.

  • Select a suitable size thread for each needle
  • Replace needles regularly for best results

suits all modern machines