Clover - Sashico Needles

Clover - Sashico Needles

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Long Type - 3 Pack:

  • 1 x D1.14mm/L69.8mm
  • 1 x D1.14mm/L60.3mm
  • 1 x D1.07mm/L57.2mm

Standard Type - 8 Pack:

  • 2 x D0.84mm/L50.8mm
  • 2 x D0.99mm/L44.5mm
  • 2 x D0.91mm/L42.9mm
  • 2 x D0.89mm/L34.9mm

A sharp tip enables a smooth insertion into the fabric easily creating a traditional running stitch.

Sashico Needles needles are designed to be used with the technique of sewing with the needle in the hand, usually controlled by a thimble that sits at the base of the middle finger.

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