10 Minute Blocks 2 - Variations on 3-Seam Squares : Suzanne McNeill

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Make fabulous quilts quickly with the 10-minute block technique. You'll love the straight seams and curved line designs.

Take 10-Minute Blocks further, expanding the possibilities with a stunning array of easy to execute designs. Experiment with positive-negative blocks, discover layers of pattern and just have fun.

The 12 block sampler quilt will inspire you all year long, whether you assemble it as a block of the month, or make an entire quilt from each delightful square.

There's plenty to please in this new collection:

  • For a new approach to pinwheels, check out Solar Winds.
  • Experiment with fussy cuts in Oasis.
  • Dazzle your family with a stunning Starburst.
  • Feel the thrill of finishing a quilt in an afternoon.