Fiona Morris Half Hap Shawl Zoom Workshop

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What a lovely sunny afternoon.
I just wanted to let you know Fiona Morris is planning on running a Knitted Shawl Workshop on Zoom - the cost would be £30.00
I thought this might interest some of you xxx

Enjoy the sunshine and make the most of your time at home xxx


Fiona Morris Half Hap Shawl Workshop

Dates: Saturday 2nd May, 16th may and 6th June 2020

Time: 10.30 to 12.30

Venue: Zoom meeting over the Internet

This workshop will be run over 3 Saturday morning classes of 2 hours each covering the various techniques used in making this traditional style Shetland half hap shawl.

2nd May – the first class will introduce you to the project, cover how to start knitting the centre triangle, explaining some of the differences between general lace charts and Shetland lace charts and how to read charts in general.

16th May – having completed the centre triangle this class covers picking up stitches around the edge of the centre triangle, working increases in readiness for the Old Shale lace pattern, following the Old Shale lace chart and working with two colour.

6th June – the Old Shale border should now be complete. In this class I will cover working the lace edging to cast off the shawl, working across the top edge of the shawl and finishing with a reverse stocking stitch I-cord.

There will be videos demonstrating each of the specific techniques which will be available to view on my YouTube channel after each class.

Workshop Price: £30

To join the class: you will need to email me to register on the workshop and pay in advance. You will then be sent details of the materials requirements, a copy of the pattern and the link to the 3 Zoom meetings

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